A Real Doll

August 26, 2015 - Michele Woodburn

Greetings Royal Friends and Followers,

We’ve spoken of several ways to reuse old items, or adapt them and use them in a new way. Sometimes the “reuse” is actually an improvement! Especially if the reuse actually may affect the new user in a deeply positive way.

Too many little girls find their appearances somehow less than acceptable today, and one of the areas that influences their self image may be the face of the doll they play with every day.

I found a wonderful woman in Tasmania who has found a way to save dolls that she finds in “tip shops” (junk shops here in the United States). She removes their “made up” faces and repaints them with real faces. Faces that look like much more realistic little girls. This wonderful woman’s name is Sonia Singh, and her recreations are called Tree Change Dolls.

Her majesty thinks we send the wrong messages to our daughters, and they often feel like their natural faces aren’t pretty enough. These dolls send the message that our natural faces are perfect just the way they are!

I love that she has already gone viral, and is now using the dolls to raise funds for charity projects. This is such a wonderful way to repurpose something and give it new life and help deliver a truly positive message! Give her a look online or on Facebook.


There are people out there doing wonderful things with items that are now leading a second life. What have you found? Drop us a line and let us know!

Ta Ta for Now,

Her Smiling Majesty, Queen Michele