Every Single One

August 14, 2015 - Michele Woodburn

Greetings Royal Friends and Followers,

We are all more alike than we probably like to admit! One of the ways in which this becomes apparent, is in the “common” items we tend to find in Estates. Now by common, I don’t mean to imply anything about the value of the item, but how frequently we find this item.

Over the years, we have found the following items in every estate;

  • Coins
  • Buttons
  • Rocks
  • Marbles

Now we find these items in varying quantities, ages and values, but we tend to find these items VERY consistently. Over the next few weeks I’ll cover each one of these in a little more depth.

marbles                   buttons 002  rocks         rocks and crystals


Now when it comes to the marbles, I may bring in my Burly Royal Scotsman. He can tell you who made the marble, where and when, and what it is usually called. I tend to operate on the ooo scale. If it makes me go “oooooooo” it’s a good one. The number of oo’s determines how good. Hey. It works for me!

What “common” items are you aware of? Did I miss any? Tell me YOUR story.

Ta Ta for Now,

Her Shining Majesty, Queen Michele