Gratitude and Good Wishes

January 29, 2015 - Michele Woodburn

Greetings Royal Friends and Followers,

As we wrap up 2014, and head into the new year, I wanted to take some time and relay to all of you our wishes for a bountiful new year.

My burly Royal Scotsman and I have spent some time reviewing the things we are grateful for in 2014, and I thought we would pass those on to all of you, because YOU are what we are most grateful for!  The “stuff” that we have dealt with this year has been interesting, quirky, incredible, unusual, and fabulous, but all of it is just the conduit. We recognize that it is PEOPLE who make this business, and make it worth doing!

We are grateful to be working together again. We are one of those lucky couples who actually work well together, and because we have unique approaches, we actually are better together.

We are deeply grateful to and for our clients. We have worked with the most wonderful people in 2014. We have really seen grace in you under some painful situations. We have observed true wisdom from people in the midst of life changes.We have seen humor and great practicality.  We both feel we have learned from you and we are so glad to have been able to work with you.

We are grateful for our customers.Our business just wouldn’t work without you. You people are amazing! You are knowledgeable and are so willing to share that knowledge. You have referred other people to us, and we do appreciate that. You bring your energy, enthusiasm and humor to the sales with you and make our work fun!

We are grateful to all you collectors out there! Especially those brave souls who have shared their collections with us. You have some incredible collections! We met people with passion and a real love of the hunt, and we appreciate that! It is such a joy to share with kindred spirits.

Finally, but not by any means last, we are profoundly grateful for our stalwart staff and helpers! You stepped in and really did the hard work! We have “dug through” and “climbed into” together. You treat our customers with respect and bring your experience and personalities with you. You let us know when we go off track, and provide fresh perspectives for us. You are what makes the sales work so well.

To all of you, best wishes for the greatest adventure of all as we head into 2015!

Ta Ta for now,

Her Serene Majesty, Queen Michele