“Up-cycle”: Restore, Re-new, Repurpose

May 6, 2015 - Michele Woodburn

Well, here we are…2015 already!

The new year is ushering in some interesting trends that we here at Royal Scotsman are following, and have thoughts to share with everyone, as usual. In addition to observations of our own, we also include some of our favorite go to resources.


The Queen decrees that these are items to keep a look-out for. We’ll check back in January 2016 and see how close I got!

  1. Coins and currency
  2. Bar-ware
  3. Mid Century Furniture
  4. Asian Art
  5. Advertising
  6. Vintage French Country items
  7. Indigo Dyed fabric (although some sources feel this is beginning to fade – pun intended)
  8. Pacific Rim and African primitives

What are your predictions for what will be hot in 2015? I would love to hear from you!


These are items where the demand has decreased, and the prices reflect the lower demand. If you are a collector, now may be your time to buy!

  1. Collector’s plates and other related pieces designed to be collectible items.
  2. Crystal ware
  3. China
  4. Hummel figurines
  5. Primitives
  6. Cameras

Since trends can be very regional, write in and tell me what you are seeing where you are. I love to hear from you!

Here is how the usual suspects are weighing in:

  • Kovel’s
    Mammoth Ivory ban? Are we doing enough? Is this a step too far? Where do you weigh in on this one?
  • Ruby Lane
    The designer who epitomizes English Style, Mario Buatta, the Prince of Chintz! Chintz is back and stripes are in. Chevron may be leaving. Tell me your thoughts!
  • Live Auctioneer
    Billy the Kid, Antique Automobiles, and an Apple 1 Computer ranked high for 2014. What will be the big sellers for 2015? We will watch with interest and keep you updated.


Estate Sales – create an opportunity to pick up items from the everyday household necessities to some amazing vintage and antique items!

Auctions – don’t let the chant scare you off, this is a fun way to shop for just about anything, and you may find yourself with some real bargains.

Business Liquidations – provide an opportunity to pick up new items at rock bottom prices! We outfitted an entire office from a failed .com liquidation. We spent less than $3000 for about $25,000 of office furniture and equipment.

Tell me Royal Friends and Followers, what is it you look for? What concerns you? Let us know! We’ll be watching the markets and letting you know if something looks like it may be trending. Every region is a little different, and you may see things that we don’t! We would love to hear from you.

Ta Ta for now,

Her Shining Majesty, Queen Michele