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Come on in, put your feet up! The coffee is on, tea is brewing, the cake is baked, and we are ready to share! This is the official blog for Royal Scotsman Auction & Appraisal.


These pages are written from the combined expertise and experience of the whole Royal Family, and you are always welcome to bring your case (pictures, questions, discussion) before the Court! And now …(drum roll, please)…it is our pleasure to introduce The Queen’s Court:



Please read our article All About Values for our perspective on the 

multifaceted notion of “value”.  In our business, value is invariably part of the discussion, particularly in relation to estate sales, business liquidations, auctions and consignments or appraisals of specific items.
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Here we feature individual items, sharing in detail the provenance, references, observations and more.
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The Attic Series provides an overview and introduction to common categories of antiques, collectibles, oddities, how-to’s and more. These guides are intended to be useful to both professional pickers, as well as anyone who is curious about the identification, history, significance or potential value of items discovered in the attic or storage, inherited as part of an estate, or found at a yard sale or flea market.
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In this series, we highlight various items that were so popular that they were reproduced. Just because it isn’t an original, doesn’t mean there isn’t demand. And as with all articles in our “Treasure Room”, we link to resources and references to add to your library.
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This series explores popular and lessor known revivals. Want to know more about revivals?
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Can you spot the difference between an original and a fake? In these articles, we’ll be focusing on common (and unusual) examples of items that are discovered to be fakes. For each example, we’ll show you the tell-tale signs to look for that can help you differentiate the look-a-likes from the hidden treasures.
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We love EVENTS! We not only conduct estate sales, auctions, business liquidations and other sales (such as our annual Vintage Toy & Marble Auction), we love to exhibit and attend all types of faires and shows. We’ll post highlights and photos of our escapades in this category.
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A few times a year we’ll be posting “state of the union”-type articles about what’s hot, what’s not and other interesting trends in the market.
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If it just doesn’t fit anywhere else……………

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If you have items or articles you’d like to share with The Queen’s Court, by all means, please join our website and then contact The Queen with your idea for an article or guest column. The Queen welcomes all questions, comments, and suggestions!

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